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Programming Method 1:
You MUST be standing next to the Gate Controller unit. You MUST have an Original Working Remote.

1) Place both the ORIGINAL and the NEW Remote Top to Top (Touching) (! Do not mix them up !)
2) Press and HOLD the 1st button on the NEW Remote until the LED on the ORIGINAL Remote starts to Flash.
3) Once the ORIGINAL Remote is flashing PRESS the 1st button (on the ORIGINAL Remote that is flashing)
4) The NEW Remote will flash and is ready to work your gate.

Programming Method 2:
You MUST be standing next to the Gate controller unit. You MUST have an Original Working Remote.

On some Controller Units the instructions included don’t work. If thats the case then follow these instructions:
1) Keep the Original and your New Remote next to each other and close to the Controller Unit.
(Make sure that it is actually the Controller Unit as this a common mistake)
2) First check that your Original Remote is functioning properly and your gate opens and closes properly.
3) On your New Remote press and HOLD the 1st button down for at least 6 seconds then release.
4) On your Original Remote press the 1st button 3 times
(Be careful not to mix up your Original and New Remote as you will lose the programming of your Original Remote)
5) On your New Remote press and hold the 1st button for about 3 seconds and release.
6) The remote is now programmed. I can send you a Video if you need any further help.

With this method it is important to be standing next to the gate controller with the original and new remote as the signal has to pass by the controller unit.

Programming Method 3:
Be careful and read your Controller Unit Programming Instructions.
Should the above methods not work or you accidently reprogrammed your Original then you will have to program the New Remote from the Receiver module inside of the Controller Unit.

NOTE: If you make a MISTAKE then you must press a button on each REMOTE 10 Times (Including the ORIGINAL) to reset the Remotes programming sequence. (one press per second) This will not change the ORIGINAL Remotes Settings)

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